Our Services

ITAG assists you in acquiring the products and/or services you need to complement your current offerings or speed up your expansion. We provide market-specific knowledge and contacts, and serve as an independent advisor and collaborator to identify potential acquisitions:

  • We have access to businesses through our associations with other acquisition and boutique investment banks.
  • We consult with you to help you identify exactly what you’re seeking.
  • We will locate excellent choices, and present you with business profiles and supporting documentation for your review.
  • Our contacts with major VC’s can then help you get any additional financing you may require.
  • We can take the sale from contract to closing and effectively coordinate the entire transaction for you.

ITAG’s experience can help prevent potential misunderstandings and miscommunications and resolve those if they do occur. We are also a highly cost effective and cost competitive solution.

Your company, like all software companies, may need sources of capital to sustain growth. ITAG’s contacts with VC’s and business angels’ associations can help you find the additional financing options you may need for these phases in your company’s growth:
Sales, market development, Acquisition, IPO


When your software company is ready to consider an US/European offering, ITAG’s extensive network of partners and affiliates in the USA and Europe can help, advise, and support you throughout the process.

We are prepared to assist with:
Authoring a business plan
Structuring the company in the USA and Europe
Setting up the capital structure of the corporation
Assisting your software company through the pre- and post-IPO periods

 ITAG has set up new, highly effective ways to deliver you high-quality legal and commercial support. We represent US and European software companies in matters related to: Creation of Office, Copyrights, Trademarks/Service Marks, Patents, Internet laws, Business Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, End-user contract, Reseller agreement, Work permits

We are prepared to advise you on all aspects of international law and how they affect your business and should influence your operating strategy.

As the largest technology markets in the world, the United States and Europe are essential target markets for software companies. However, the US and European markets are very large and often fragmented; companies need to carefully evaluate their options and expansion strategies to prepare to develop brand awareness and generate profitable sales.

ITAG provides the expertise and insights needed to evaluate market expansion options and define and implement the best entry plan for these markets. ITAG helps companies get it right the first time and avoid unproductive spending in this entry phase.

ITAG fulfills its commitment by setting up unique systems of one-on-one prospecting strategies that address today’s challenges. ITAG arranges contact between your company and key people such as VP operations, marketing executives, and CIO. ITAG focuses on vertical markets such as banking, financial, Telco, retail, automotive and so forth. Based on our directories and data-mining research, we are prepared to provide you with key prospecting data such as:
Industry information, Key numbers, Key people, Competitors, Overviews
Histories, Products and operations, Financials, Business processes

This information can be matched up to your software product’s features to create effective marketing plans for your products and attractive solutions for your prospects’ value chain.

Efficient market expansion demands executive-level local skills to manage revenue generation and oversee day-to-day operations. ITAG provides a dedicated team prepared to efficiently create profitable new revenue streams for your company.

For software companies expanding into new markets, ITAG often serves as the primary local presence during initial market entry. We provide the daily operational efforts needed for creating awareness of and demand for your products. Outsource your sales tasks to us, or allow us to help you develop or acquire the sales and marketing resources you need.

ITAG provides you with the support you need. We can also enable you to effectively support your new customers as you expand into a new market.

Whether you need end-to-end technical support in a new language or logistical support and office infrastructure in a new country, we can assist you in achieving maximum consumer confidence in return for your investment in market expansion. ITAG helps you ensure your company image in your target market matches up with consumer needs and expectations.

Clients receive a customized support package, and are directly supported by our executive team and selected partners and affiliates in target markets. You’ll be working closely with the people who understand what you’ll need to know to succeed. As you grow more comfortable and familiar with your operations in your new market, we can adjust your support package to reduce your outsourcing costs and deliver you only the continuing services of your choice.