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ITAG helps you get it right and get your company global.

ITAG can help you cut costs and make the right choices for your company based on a deep understanding of the challenges you will face. If you are ready to expand into an area of the European market, we are ready to provide you with the local support you'll need.

Demand for sofware in Europe continues to grow, but the market in the European Union (EU) has rapidly become as competitive as the American market. American companies expanding into European markets often make the mistake of thinking that American models will translate perfectly to EU markets. They don't, because despite the strong economic ties between members of the EU, Europe remains a fragmented market made up of many distinct countries, cultures, and languages. Each of these may represent a profitable market niche for your product, but effectively reaching all of these markets could require duplication of your
  • Marketing efforts

  • Organization

  • Infrastructure

  • Technical support

at the local level, for each region or country, because of the pronounced cultural differences and languages barriers.

Outsourcing is a common solution. This evolving phenomenon affects every aspect of doing business in today's global economy. Few software publishers hesitate to delegate certain critical tasks to external specialists instead of incurring permanent overhead costs for local personnel and infrastructure when expanding into new markets. ITAG serves companies who want to be sure they make the right choices when choosing outsourcing solutions in the US and EU.

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