Getting Started

Every client receives a customized package of services. Pick and choose from our index of services, or rely on our team of experts to fashion the perfect solution to the challenges faces your business today in a timely and economical manner.

These represent some typical service packages:

Jumpstart kit - Your company wants to enter a new market for the first time. We guide you through the logistics of selecting and expanding into your new market, and of prospecting for and selling to new customers in said market.

Advanced kit - Your company already sells in US and/or EU markets, but you want to consolidate or expand market share in either marketplace. We can offer you technical support and access to our network of local partners and affiliates. If desired, we can review your existing business practices, and help you further define and meet your specific business objectives in your chosen market.

Success kit - Your company is profitable. Now you need specific advice on mergers, acquisitions, financial services, or purchasing in new markets. You may even be ready to seriously consider an IPO (Initial Public Offering, the first sale of stock by your company to the public). We are ready to guide you through structuring your company in the US and Europe, optimizing your capital structure, and to assist you through both pre and post IPO periods in your company's development.

Support kit - Your company needs specific logistical support (for example, local office space in your new marketing territory), assistance with a particular financing, fundraising, sales, or market development issue, or legal and commercial advice. We are prepared to advise you on aspects of international law that may affect your business strategy, or on specific legal issues of intellectual property law, ecommerce and business on the internet, mergers and acquisitions, end-user contracts, reseller agreements, work permits, and so on.

For more information, visit our US Companies or EU Companies sections, or browse our services index.