European Companies

73% of the software sold worldwide is installed in the US. Despite the enormous demand for competitively-priced, quality software products, few European companies have considered attempting to gain a share of the American market.

It's clear that Europe has been producing outstanding software products for years, especially in France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden. Although European companies considering doing business in the US may be industry leaders in Europe, and dominating their target market at home, they may be entirely unknown to their potential customer base across the ocean. ITAG can be there to help introduce you to those potential customers, and make you aware of your American competitors. Any software company with an excellent product has a chance of success. Those who plan carefully have the best chance.

Trying to implement the same marketing and sales approaches that succeeded for your company in Europe could be your first big mistake. Gaining market share overseas is potentially very profitable, but involves navigating a series of obstacles, including
  • Cultural differences

  • Language barriers

  • Bureaucratic red tape

  • Start-up costs

  • Hiring costs

ITAG has the experience necessary to assist you in overcoming these challenges. We can provide you with the organizational support and assist you in the careful, well-informed planning required to optimize your chances of success in the US marketplace.

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